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National Chinese American Jewelry Association (NCAJA) membership agreement

Our sincere welcome to you as a member of NCAJA. All NCAJA members should carefully review the following rules and regulations, the rules and regulations are established to protect the rights and privileges of NCAJA members, and agreements with member service providers.

By utilizing the services provided, members agree to be bounded by these agreements in their entirety

I. Member Service

  1. Upon membership application approval, the then current rules and regulations will be applicable; NCAJA reserves the right to add, reduce or change all of the services, programs, content or rights, without prior individual notice.
  2. Some services may be provided by the partners of NCAJA, and may require individual members to apply, register, and pay for services.
  3. NCAJA reserves the right to change the service content, complimentary services, service fees, limitations and exclusions, without prior individual notice.
  4. Members may be bounded by separate and additional service agreements with service providers, members agree to abide by the rules and regulations when utilizing these services.

II. Personal Data Protection

  1. NCAJA will protect each and every member's personal information, except by member consent and law enforcement purposes. NCAJA member personal information will not be provided to third parties, including sponsored advertising firms.
  2. Some service(s) provided by third-party service partners may require Member's personal information to be provided, if members are reluctant to disclose personal information to these partners, you have a right to not utilize any of the specific services. Members utilizing these services consent to the disclosure of personal information service partners.
  3. Under the following circumstances, NCAJA may review or provide personal data or related information to relevant government agencies, or advocates the infringement of their rights and to make appropriate proof of the third person:
    a) pursuant to laws, or by judicial or other relevant government agencies order;
    b) members involved in violations of law, infringe third party rights, or violation of the NCAJA terms or agreement ;
    c) for the protection of the legitimate interests of the NCAJA member;
    d) for the protection of other members, or other legal rights of a third party;
    e) to maintain the normal operation of NCAJA.

III. Provision and use of Member Services

  1. Members are only entitled to services within their paid membership period. Membership can not be transferred, leased or lend to any third party .

IV. Liability exclusions and limitations

  1. NCAJA member services provided are only in accordance to the status at the time services are provided, NCAJA does not provide any express or implied warranty or guarantee.
  2. NCAJA does not guarantee any e-mail, file or information to be reliable and accurate. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of e-mail, files or data security, reliability, completeness, correctness. NCAJA should not be liable for e-mail, files or data damages.
  3. NCAJA is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages as a results of member services, NCAJA will assume no liability for services listed or recommended.

V. Service suspended

  1. Prior to membership suspension, NCAJA will notify via e-mail or other appropriate means to inform the Member.
  2. In the following circumstances, NCAJA will suspend all or part of member services, and shall not be liable for any damages suffered directly or indirectly by member:
    a) when membership dues are three months in arrears
    b) violation of law by member, or violation of rules and regulations that are part of agreements between NCAJA and third-party service provider
    c) Acts by third party, natural disaster or other force majeure causing the cessation or interruption of membership services;
    d) other events beyond the complete control of NCAJA that causes disrruption or termination of member service.

VI. Termination of service

  1. NCAJA reserves the right to stop providing service to any member, and shall not be liable for compensation.
  2. Member violation of the terms or service, rules or regulations are sufficient grounds for termination of services. NCAJA reserves the right to suspend service or terminate the right to provide services, and is not liable for any damages or compensation to the affected member.
  3. Membership dues in arrears by six months

VII. Modify the terms of member services, rules, and agreements

  1. NCAJA reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service and the norms or conventions of the right to use the modified content, will be published on the relevant pages in the membership services, individual notice is not another user

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